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Our Story

Our professional occupation with cycling is simply a by-product of our love for it. It all began with an idea of an academy, in order to promote cycling to the younger generations, with a bicycle store that would basically cover the needs of the academy. Down the road, the Academy became a team, with the bicycle store changing in order to meet the rising demand. Having the goal of being a pioneer in the market, our vision started to become a reality in the last 2 years, managing to represent top end bicycle
brands in order to bring the best quality of products for our customers. We upgraded our store to be able take care of our customers accordingly, giving them the opportunity to have a beautiful environment, where they can not only buy the best quality bicycle equipment, but also spend their free
time there, networking and meeting other afficionados of the sport. We are now proud to say that we can provide full coverage regarding road bikes, road bike equipment, as well as bike maintenance and bike upgrades.
Our goal is to continue to provide everything that lovers of the sport are looking for.

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